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Coronavirus FAQs

We know that during these uncertain times, you might have lots of questions about what we're doing to keep you and our people safe. So we've put together the answers to our most common questions to help you out.

Q. Is it safe to travel on a coach?

A. As the government takes steps to start getting the country back on its feet, public transport continues to play a vital role in safely getting people where they need to be, and in supporting the country’s long term recovery.

The safety of our customers and people remains our top priority.  With the extensive measures we have in place and with customers following all of the social distancing and other guidelines - people can continue to have confidence in coaches.

Q. Are there any extra measures that I should take when travelling?

A. Customers are being asked to follow the latest government guidelines for both their region and the region they're travelling to. To get more information about any local restrictions visit the Welsh government websiteScottish government website and for England

It's the law to wear a face covering on public transport in England and Scotland. In Wales, we'd urge you to wear a face covering, if you can. Please also take care of your health and protect others by regularly and thoroughly cleaning your hands with an alcohol-based hand sanitiser or wash them with soap and water often and for at least 20 seconds before or after using the coach. We’ll have anti-bac stations on board our coaches and you’ll be asked to keep your distance where you can.

Q. Are you increasing the number of services you operate and when will you be returning to your normal timetables?

We're currently operating a reduced network, but you can still go to many of the towns and cities we all love, and to see people we’ve been missing. Our brand new network is on sale now with travel from 21 June. But if you don’t see a journey you used to travel on right now, please bear with us and we'll hope to get it added soon.

Q.  Are your travel shops and ticket offices still closed?

A. Yes, as we’re making sure we follow the latest advice from the government. However, we’re hoping to reintroduce these as and when we can.

Q. What are you doing about social distancing on your services?

A. Customers are asked to sit apart where possible, but in line with government guidelines in England and Wales - we're now able to safely offer more seats to our customers. This means that you may now be sat next to someone for your journey. This may include passengers travelling to or from Scotland being sat next to someone between stops in England and Wales. Customers will still be asked to keep their distance where possible in the queue at the stop/station and customers with reserved seating* will be asked to board at the front of the coach. Anyone with non-reserved seating will be allocated a seat when boarding and will get on at the middle of the coach.

Q. Should I wear a face covering?

A. Face coverings are compulsory when using public transport. It's important that you follow the new government law for your safety and the safety of your fellow passengers and our people.  For questions about wearing a face covering, go to our face coverings FAQs page.

Q. Will your drivers be wearing face coverings?

A. Our drivers have a protective screen that acts as a barrier so don't need to wear a face covering whilst driving. If the driver needs to leave their cab to help a customer, they must wear a face covering and face visor.

Q. If you’re allowing less people on the coaches, will there be more coaches on the routes you’re offering?

A. We’re closely monitoring the numbers of people travelling and where possible we’ll try to add extra coaches on busier days. However, as all our tickets are pre-booked for megabus services, you are guaranteed your seat when booking.  

Q Are you carrying out additional cleaning on your services?

A. We already have well-established and rigorous cleaning regimes for our coaches and we’re continuing to enhance the measures we have in place. We’ll have more regular cleaning of the main customer touch-points such as hand poles and grab rails with anti-viral products. We’re also giving additional cleaning materials such as personal hand sanitiser for frontline employees as well as cleaning supplies. Our people will also be issued with regular reminders about hygiene good practice.

Q. Do you provide hand sanitiser on your services?

A. Yes we’ll have anti-bac stations on our coaches.

Q. How are you protecting your staff, such as drivers?

A. Keeping everybody as safe as possible is our absolute priority. We’re issuing face coverings and other PPE to our drivers.  Other measures include additional cleaning of key touch points and, displaying guidelines on social distancing.  

Q I’m a wheelchair user. Can I still travel on your coach even though you’ve limited the capacity?

A. Our customers with mobility impairments are always welcome on board. Where possible, we recommend that all wheelchair users contact us before purchasing their tickets (preferably at least 36 hours before their intended journey) to book their wheelchair space and to allow us time to make your journey as comfortable as possible. Plus you’ll be able to tell us whether a personal care attendant (PCA) will be with you on board.

Q. I’m hearing impaired and can’t read lips if someone is wearing a face covering.

A. Our parent company Stagecoach has updated their Journey Assistance Cards to include a relevant card that will let the driver know you need to see their lips. If your driver is wearing a face covering they’ll lower it when speaking with you. Their cab has a clear protective screen which acts as a barrier against spreading the virus.

Q. I’m visually impaired. How will I know where to sit on the bus?

A. Please ask your driver and they’ll be happy to clearly give you verbal directions to the nearest available seat. If you'd like your driver to walk with you to your seat, just ask and let them know how you prefer to be guided. We have Journey Assistance Cards that you can show to the driver to let them know that you need additional help.

Q. What if I need your driver to help me board, can they still do this safely?

A. If your driver leaves their cab they’ll sanitise their hands, wear a face covering and visor and will keep their distance where they can. If the driver is lowering a ramp, helping with a wheelchair, they’ll ask customers to move aside to keep a safe distance. They’ll sanitise their hands once they’re back in their cab.

To find out more, visit our Coronavirus safety information page


* Not available on Internal Scotland routes


Last updated 13:56 on 11/06/2021