Passengers requiring assistance

We welcome all customers on megabus and megatrain services and do our best to assist those with walking difficulties or those who normally use wheelchairs.

If you normally use a wheelchair or scooter and are able to climb the few steps into the coach, we will store your wheelchair or scooter in the luggage bay and the driver will help you into your seat.

However, if you normally use a wheelchair and you need to remain in it for your trip on megabus, please do NOT purchase your ticket on, but call +44 (0) 141 352 4444* available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

...and explain to the customer service agent the date, time and destination of your travel plans. The agent will check that there is space on the trip you want. If there is room on the trip, then a bus with a wheelchair lift or ramp will be allocated to that trip. If the trip you want is full, the agent will suggest another departure. Please also tell the agent if a personal care attendant (PCA) will be accompanying you, and a seat will be allocated for them.

If you normally use a wheelchair, scooter or similar assistive device and you need to remain in it for your trip on megabus, it is very important that you make your reservation as early as possible, but no less than 36 hours before the date of intended travel. In the event that you fail to make a reservation more than 36 hours in advance, will make reasonable efforts to accommodate your travel needs on one of its buses. We can safely carry wheelchairs with dimensions length 1200mm x width 700mm x height 1350mm (height restriction includes seated passenger). However, reserves the right to deny travel on a specific trip in the event that you cannot be safely accommodated within the requested timeframe.

Passengers departing from London Victoria Coach Station may use the Mobility Assistance Lounge before departure. To pre-book, please call +44 (0) 207 126 2716. Assistance to departing coaches is available if required.

East Midlands Trains

If travelling on an East Midlands Trains, please call +44 (0) 8457 125 678 or textphone +44 (0) 8457 078 051 to arrange special assistance.

These arrangements must be made after purchasing your megatrain ticket. In the unlikely event that the train's capacity for wheelchairs is unavailable for your journey, a full refund.

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* Calls to this number may be recorded for quality and training purposes. Telephone calls and network access charges may apply. Please check with your service provider for exact prices.


Last update 24 August 2017