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Two girls on a megabus

First time travellers

Getting ready for your first megabus trip? Not sure what to expect? Well we’ve put some hints and tips together for making your first experience with us even better. And for the megabus seasoned travellers… well you may still learn a thing or two.

1. Beat the hunger

If you’ve got a long trip or even if you just tend to get peckish all the time (we can relate)  – drinks and snacks are a necessity. No one wants to see you when you get hangry. Just remember no hot food or drink please – we don’t want any accidents.


2. Charge up

We've got charging points* on board, so you can keep your gadgets fully charged ready for when you get off. Make sure you add your USB charger to your packing list.


3. Surf the web

Free Wi-Fi* on board means you can update your social media profiles (here come the selfies) and answer emails on the go.


4. Keep cool (or toasty)

We offer air conditioning and you can set the strength using the nozzle above your seat. We won’t get too techy on you, but the temperature is regulated for the conditions outside. If it does get a little too warm, or too cold – our friendly drivers will be willing to help.


5. Be ready

Our on board toilet always comes in handy if you need to make a quick change or have a spruce up in the mirror before you reach your final stop.


6. Relax in style

When you book your trip with us, you’re guaranteed a seat. So sit back, relax and enjoy.


7. Customise your case

We’d always recommend you add a luggage label or some decoration to your case, so you know which one is yours. And that doesn’t just apply with us as it’s a great idea at the airport too. That means you'll know your case as soon as you see it.


8. Be last minute (if you need to!)

If something last minute comes up, you can rely on us to get you to where you need to be. And we’ve made it really easy as you can book online with us right up to the day you want to go. Saves any stressing... you're welcome. 


9. Get packed

You get a 23kg luggage allowance with us, as well as being able to take a smaller bag on board with you too. Perfect if you’re travelling with us to the airport.


10. Safety first

Know you’re always safe with us, as we've got CCTV onboard.


If you’ve not booked your trip yet, you can do this using the journey planner at the top of the page. Or take a look at where we go to get some inspiration.

*Subject to availability and connection