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family reuniting

Grand Reunion

We’ve all missed out on seeing our loved ones during Covid. But we know that Grandparents were hit particularly hard, missing out on precious moments.

In fact, our research back in 2021 revealed grandparents have missed out on 49 hugs, 25 family meals and 19 bedtime stories with their grandkids since March 2020.

That’s why we launched our industry-first ‘Grand Reunion’ ticket to bring together families across the UK. We offered ten sets of selected grandparents free travel to visit their loved ones on our entire network for a year.

Giving grandparents that little helping hand to make up for lost time and all the moments missed.

To follow the journey of Big Grandad and Nanny Lou, the first grandparents to trial the ticket, watch the video below. 




The competition has now ended.