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megabus coach

What it’s really like to travel by megabus

Yes, we know people talk about us sometimes. We’ve heard people saying our seats are uncomfortable and the journeys are long. But if you have a minute, we’d like to tell you what it’s really like to travel by megabus.

It’s easy to book tickets

You can book tickets online at a booking office, or using one of our self-service kiosks – we’ll always show you the cheapest ticket so you know you’re getting a great deal.

We’ll email you a reservation number so that’s one less thing to pack as well.

Plus you can get a discount if you have a TOTUM student card or Scottish National Entitlement card. Handy for when you’re getting the next round in.


It’s (really good) value for money

Travelling by train can be expensive. And you’re not always guaranteed a seat so you might be stuck standing for hours at a time with all your baggage. Horrible.

Our tickets are always a bargain.

The seats on our coaches are nice and comfortable. Best of all, some of them are reservable which means you can choose where you sit. Racing to get the best seat? It’s yours anyway. Admire the view with a window seat, or just make sure you’re sat with your mate. You can plug your device into the USB charging points and use the free Wi-Fi* so you’re quids in. And they have loos on board too, which are cleaned regularly with drivers carrying on board cleaning kits.


Get a reliable and comfortable service

All you need to do is get to the stop in time to get your coach – easy. Then just sit back and relax as we get you to where you’re going. It’s a bit like having your own chauffeur.

We love our friendly drivers - and passengers often tell us how much they like them too. They’re helpful and polite, which makes all the difference when you’re travelling.

Our drivers are highly trained to deliver a smooth and comfortable journey. Our Euro 6 coaches are fitted with advanced cruise control and electronic braking systems, which help make your journey that extra bit comfortable.


We go where you’re going

Where are you going? Chances are we can take you there as we go to 100+ destinations. Our pick up and drop off locations are in convenient places so it’s great for getting where you want to go. This includes a number of universities too.

Whether you’re travelling for work, going to visit friends and family or just taking a trip for pleasure, going by megabus makes travelling straightforward and stress-free.


You’ll have a stress-free journey

With free Wi-Fi* and a guaranteed seat, all you need to do is turn up. Catch up on social, finally watch that Netflix series or just bring a book. Some like to bring their crochet projects on board while others like to beat their high score as they crush candy. However you like to relax, you can do it on a megabus. And with our night services, you’re also saving time and money on accommodation – it’s a win-win.


It’s a greener way to travel

Figures from the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) show that travelling by coach emits 27g of CO2 per person per kilometre, compared with 41g on UK rail** (this figure can vary depending on how full they are and the engine type). And if you were travelling in an average diesel car on your own, you’d be producing a whopping 171g of CO2 emissions per km**.

Find out more about megabus’ green credentials.


We’re here 365 days a year

Yes that’s right – unlike the trains, we can get you where you need to be 365 days a year. That’s your Christmas and New Year’s Eve travel sorted.


Travel by megabus and see for yourself

Give us a go next time you’re going somewhere and you’ll see why going by megabus makes so much sense.


*Subject to availability and connection.


**Source: BEIS/Defra Greenhouse Gas Conversion Factors 2019. Emissions based on single-passenger travel per km and car data refers to a diesel-based engine.